Anarchy in the UK

Broken bass

Bruce Foxton

Buying This is the Modern World

By the wall


Dress like a Mod

Europe Tour Itinerary 1979 – (reprint)

“Welcome to Europe” Tour Itinerary

THE JAM 1979


This is a typical example of a Jam tour itinerary put together by the tour manager for the crew and the band. The tour manager,  (Dickie Bell) would have put all the information together months in advance starting with the gig listings supplied by the booking agent, the hotels and travel arrangements were then added along with any local press details supplied by the record company. It runs from 16th February to the 6th March 1979. Xerox was the cheapest way of reproducing these disposable information sheets and everyone involved would receive one.


Gift Tote Bag

Made of 100% White Cotton H: 375mm W: 410 Excellent size to put a vinyl 12″ Album in.  Free shipping. (Printed on one side only)

In the Crowd


Marc Bolan

On stage

On the piano

Paul Weller